Outsourcing Works

Ask yourself this question ‘ when I employ an agency am I really getting my money’s worth’ ? Using an agency is an easy option to let someone else do the work for you and save you time, but what if you don’t get what you want? Let’s be honest here anyone can write up a cv and in most cases the agency tweak it anyway to get the work. Bit dishonest don’t you think on the agency’s behalf. I know what I’m talking about as I spent a lot of time on the books and at the time it was my only option as I really disliked the job centre and just wanted to work.


It all came to light for me when a company I went to via an agency told me they wanted to take me off the agency’s books, surprised but delighted I agreed. They told me that the agency were charging them almost double for my hourly rate, I was so shocked as I didn’t think agency’s were like that, they tell you that the hourly rate is what the company is offering. Oh so wrong, then the light came on and I realised that’s how they make money. Sensible company in my opinion, why on earth would you pay double to an agency when you can pay the employee that.


I started my own outsourcing business because I want to save people money by completing the work from my trusty office at home and all the customer has to pay for is my high standard of work. Of course there is an element of trust involved which is why I offer my first job for you the customer for free, no catch here at all besides I want you to be happy with what I do, you have nothing to lose but everything to gain. No more £££££ to even place someone in your company.





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