About Me

About me

I wanted to start my own outsourcing business because I love that feeling of job satisfaction, It motivates me and that feeling of knowing you have done a great job is very important to me. I have spent years going above and beyond to help people but you don’t always feel that job satisfaction when you shut your computer down for the night. I want that job satisfaction feeling every single day. I’m a big believer in if you want something there is no point in talking about it over a cup of coffee dreaming of what you want, get out there and get it. And that’s precisely what I am doing.

I am sometimes referred to as the queen of multitasking and as I chuckle to myself I have to admit it’s true. It’s pretty safe to say my organisational skills are well above average, it suits me though as it enables me to complete several tasks. This is precisely what I am aiming for saving you the customer money and above all else time. Time is precious don’t you think and how many hours do you spend a day on tasks you simply don’t have time for?

What is the point in spending money on agencies to provide you with (in their eyes) a suitable person only to find out that person isn’t really what you are looking for?

Work Experience

Over 25 years in the office industry covering these fields

  • Call Centres                                                     banner-job-seekers-new-620x200
  • Retail
  • Bailiffs
  • Council
  • Factorys
  • Engineering
  • Metal/Steel Industry
  • Finance
  • Procurement
  • IT Admin



Wheh I’m not busy doing business you will find me standing on the terraces supporting my local rugby team shouting and singing along doing what the fans do best….getting behind the team. I am a big fan of rugby union aswell and have spent many a great weekend at England’s finest rugby stadium twickenham. Oh what an atmosphere!

Wrestling is my other sporting passion, from the independent scene to the big boys at wwe the worlds biggest wrestling promotion. Travelled the world and was lucky to see some of the very best shows, oh and met my hero Jeff Hardy.


Ready to talk business, what are you waiting for?